Kevin the leftie with our money

The Australian - SCHOOLS slated for demolition are being showered with federal funding to spruce up their facilities through the Rudd government's education stimulus spending. At least 21 schools marked for closure have been handed a slice of the $14.7 billion Building the Education Revolution program.

Four schools set to shut in Brisbane have received taxpayer funds for refurbishment or new facilities under the infrastructure scheme. A further 15 funding recipients are set to close by 2011 in South Australia, where the Rann government plans to amalgamate them into six "super schools".

The revelation of grants to schools set for closure shows the federal government is effectively handing millions of dollars in taxpayers' money to "dead" schools, in the same way it paid economic stimulus cheques to dead people's estates earlier this year.

I guess to those who never really work for their money, other peoples money is all just fancy pieces of paper, doesn't really exist, just numbers floating around the place. A million here, a billion there, who cares, it's all good.

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