The followers of Islam at work

FOX News - In a macabre new tactic, Taliban militants have begun paying children to plant lethal bombs in Pakistani cities. Ishaq, who comes from a poor family that barely survives on the money his father earns from house-painting jobs, had been working at the Orakzai bus stop of the city’s main Terah Bazaar, earning a few rupees a day by helping people to load lorries and buses. Two weeks ago a man with a moustache but no beard approached him and offered him the note to leave a blue plastic bag in a crowded area between several shops.

FOX News - A young Christian man was raped and brutally murdered in Pakistan for refusing to convert to Islam, and police are doing nothing about it, the victim's brother and minister told Pakistani police reportedly found the body of Tariq "Litto" Mashi Ghauri — a 28-year-old university student in Sargodha, Pakistan — lying dead in a canal outside a rural village in Punjab Province on May 15. He had been raped and stabbed at least five times. ......The family believes Litto Ghauri was murdered by the brothers of his Muslim girlfriend, Shazi Cheema, after they found him in a compromising sexual position with their sister.

FOX News - Somali pirates have seized a German-owned cargo ship, the MV Charelle, off the coast of Oman, a NATO commander said. The attack, which occurred Friday evening, marks the first recorded attack in Omani territorial waters, NATO Lt. Cmdr. Alexandre Fernandes told FOX News. NATO has not determined how many crew members are onboard the MV Charelle, Fernandes said. Six suspected pirates were believed to be onboard the ship. "The Charelle is now heading southwest towards Somalia," Fernandes told Reuters. "This is the first case of armed robbery outside the normal operations area of the pirates." - NINE foreigners, mostly women and children, including seven Germans, a British engineer and a South Korean woman teacher, have been kidnapped by Shi'ite rebels in northern Yemen, a local official said. The German group includes a couple, three children and two women nurses, according to an unnamed local authority official in the restive Saada region who was cited by the defence ministry news website September Net.

FOX News - Supporters of a popular moderate cleric mourned his assassination in one of several suicide bombings for which the Taliban claimed responsibility Saturday to retaliate for a Pakistani military offensive against extremists. But instead of sowing fear and dissension, the attacks appear to be contributing to a growing wave of anti-Taliban sentiment, particularly the bombing at a seminary Friday that killed Sarfraz Naeemi. The cleric had called the militants murderers, condemned suicide attacks as un-Islamic and backed the ongoing operations in the Swat Valley region.

Compass Direct - In a growing culture of violence here, a traffic incident in Punjab Province this month led to Muslim assailants later mounting an attack on the home of a Christian pastor they have increasingly resented for his evangelism and justice ministries. The attackers threatened more violence if the pastor does not drop assault charges. A few of the 17 assailants struck the mother and sister-in-law of pastor Riaz Masih with rifle butts after the pastor’s brother, who lives at the same multi-housing complex as Masih in Kila Sardar Shah, Sheikhupura district, on June 1 complained to a local councilor about the official nearly driving into his sons.

Compass Direct - Two policemen convicted of killing a Christian in Giza, Egypt have received only a five-year prison sentence for what lawyers are calling the cold-blooded murder of a Copt who stood up for his rights. ......Police say he jumped out of a window in an effort to escape, but family members who were eyewitnesses said the officers beat Gadallah and pushed him out of the window in intentional murder because he was a Christian who had filed a complaint against an officer. ......The court, however, determined Gadallah died from the officers beating him, and that they did not intend to kill him. Lawyers said Police Investigations Officer Ahmed Alnawawy gave the order to the officers to kill Gadallah. According to a neighbor’s account, one of the officers ran out of the building to Alnawawy saying: “We killed the guy, we killed the guy,” said family lawyer Nadia Tawfeeq.

Christians, muslims, same thing. Apparently.

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