Muslims blaming everyone else again

Times Online - Iran's Supreme Leader today singled out Britain as the “most treacherous” Western power trying destabilise the Islamic Republic as he stood firm in the face of this week's massive street protests, hinting at even tougher repression if the unrest does not stop. In his first public appearance since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hotly-disputed re-election, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei set the scene for further confrontations between his regime and the millions of demonstrators who have taken to the streets of Iranian cities in the past six days by insisting the political establishment would not bow to such pressure.

......He said the huge turnout of 85 per cent showed how much the Iranian people trusted their political establishment, and the superiority of Iran's brand of religious democracy. Mr Khamenei said foreign powers were now conspiring to ruin that achievement, and to destroy the Iranian people's trust in their political leaders, by suggesting the vote was rigged. He named Britain as the "most treacherous" of those countries, prompting roars of "Death to the UK" from the solid ranks of Basiji – Islamic volunteer militiamen – packed into the vast prayer hall.
Even after all the ass-kissing, groveling, scraping and dhimmitude from Britain, muslims still hate them more than ever. Honestly, apart from the hated BNP, is there any politician in Britain who hasn't groveled before the muslims. They weasel this way, weasel that way, when muslims spit on their troops, when muslims march in their streets promising to kill them, when muslims want sharia in Britain, it's always turn the other cheek and accommodate. And yet they still hate them.

Tell me, what else must be done, how much more must be handed over, do the British have to submit to Islam, kill Jews, declare war on America, must they vote for muslims, must they behead their Queen and install some ayatollah bin-goat-humper as their supreme leader. Tell me, what the @#$% must they do before the religion of peace, love, tolerance, understanding and all that shit their apologists spout will be satisfied.

And I wonder, at what point will westerners wake up and realize that there is nothing we can do to stop them hating us, no, it's not us, it's them.

If I was in charge of Britain, I'd send a message to this supreme gasbag, hey you pedophile, you got one thing right, it is us, remember how you bastards were killing our soldiers in Iraq, well scumbag, it's just a bit of your own medicine. You're always prattling on about imperialism, well skirt-boy, you're right, we are meddling and we'll continue to screw with you, till the day you and the rest of your parasites are rotting. So choke it down assaholla.

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