Shove the apology nanny state

Daily Mail - A sadistic killer who tortured and murdered two French students had been freed from jail after an appalling series of blunders by the criminal justice system. Dano Sonnex, 23, and Nigel Farmer, 24, were today found guilty of stabbing Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez 244 times before setting fire to their bodies in scenes of 'unimaginable horror'.

Now the Daily Mail can reveal that failures by probation, police and the courts meant Sonnex was not returned to prison shortly before the horrific murders despite re-offending while out on licence. Justice Secretary Jack Straw today apologised to the victims' families and a senior probation officer resigned over the blunders that left Sonnex free to kill.

Unless Jack is going to start calling for the people of his nation to be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves from evil scum like this, when it's pretty obvious that neither he nor the cops nor the courts can protect them, take your so-called apology and shove it up your ass jack. Any fool can muster a few weasel-words together and pretend how he/she cares oh-so much for everyone. But the reality is that thousands of people are attacked every year, beaten, bashed, murdered etc, and none of them are legally allowed to defend themselves. They don't need weasel -words and waffling apologies at their funerals, they need nannying bastards to get out of their way.

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