Just who are the real fascists

If it had been some far-leftist green scumbag prattling on at a news conference and someone, anyone interfered, the leftists would be screaming tyranny, police state, free speech and all that crap. But when it's speech they hate and don't agree with, it's alright to muzzle it, it's alright to squash it, it's all right to get violent, bully, intimidate and whatever else they feel like.

Remember the BNP didn't beat people into voting for them, a small number of people voted for them despite the smearing, lies and intimidation they were subjected to. I hope the Brits are watching all this, the media and the so-called politicians label the BNP as fascists, but have a look at the recent headlines and the actions of these vermin, then ask yourself, just who are the real fascists.

And speaking of nasty, here's another one of those 'funny' leftists.

Would he have the balls to say the same of Hussein Obama's daughters, no, sorry no balls for that, no sir, only balls to pick on the daughters of Sarah Palin. He doesn't say which daughter, but presumably he isn't a complete scumbag to joke about the rape of a child, then again he is a leftist, so one can't always be sure. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.

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