It's 9/10 All Over Again

So the Sacred Sock Puppet has "quietly" ordered high-value
detainees in Afghanistan (meaning they've likely got a LOT of enemy intel, such as plans, dispositions, arms, locations, funding, etc tucked in their twisted little heads) be given American Miranda rights.

Now, completely disregarding the exceedingly thin ice of the legal complexities (foreign combatants suddenly allowed American civilian rights, with all the accompanying slimy lawyer-tricks to get them off on "technicalities")
and the linguistic complications (it has to be read to them in a language they understand, or it's a "technicality" that could allow terrorists to go free) allow me to point out the spectacularly OBVIOUS PROBLEM with this latest pile of fecal matter masquerading as military policy.

Can anyone tell me the first sentence of the Miranda?
Yup.....that whole "You have the right to remain silent" thingy.....

Now, class, can anyone tell me why that is such a DUMBASS thing to tell a freshly-captured high-value terrorist?

Says a lot about the Jackass-in-Chief, doesn't it?

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