State's Rights

Federalism isn't dead, but the jackasses running D.C. - pelosi, reid, obama, baucus, dodd, schumer, frank, murtha, specter, hellary, geithner, holder, et al - are hard at work a-poundin' in billion-dollar stakes just as fast as they can print 'em.

Here is what some mayors in Montana have proposed for "shovel-ready projects".

Here's what their homepage says: was built to help the new administration keep its pledge to invest stimulus money smartly, and to hold public officials to account for the taxpayer money they spend. We do this by allowing you, citizens around the country with local knowledge about the proposed "shovel-ready" projects in your city, to find, discuss and rate those projects. These projects are not part of the stimulus bill. They are candidates for funding by federal grant programs once the bill passes. Learn more by reading the FAQs.
How can you contribute? Find a project that interests you, or about which you have special knowledge, and let us know what you think. You can find projects by searching or by browsing by locality or program type. Once you find a program, there are three things you can do: 1) vote on whether you believe the project is critical or not; 2) edit the project's description and points in favor or against, and 3) post a comment in the conversation about the project.


Gee, I wonder how many of those "projects" are still in the "stimulus bill" - which NO-FRAGGIN'-BODY IN CONGRESS HAD A CHANCE TO READ BEFORE THEY VOTED ON IT!

Yeah, OVER HALF of the $249,272,000.00 might be going to Missoula, for such absolutely vital, life-or-death economic recovery projects as the $50 million for the "Rails-to-Trails" boondoggle.......

...this is a joke......right?


Who is John Galt?
I saw him again yesterday...he's still at WalMart.

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