The jihad will never stop

Deutsche Welle - Authorities in Somalia have warned that insurgents are about to take control of the country. The government has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for urgent military help from neighboring countries. The dramatic appeal for urgent military help was made in the capital Mogadishu by parliamentary speaker Sheik Aden Mohammed Noor Madobe. He said that increasing attacks have weakened the government. "Our forces can no longer withstand al-Qaida-backed insurgents. We need urgent military help from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Yemen in the next 24 hours," Madobe said. So far, the four countries have not responded to Madobe's appeal. Madobe made it clear that al-Qaida fighters were fighting alongside the country's al-Shabab Islamist insurgents.

The past two weeks have seen the insurgents use suicide bombers to kill Somali cabinet ministers and top government officials. ......The insurgents have been recruiting fighters from Africa, from America, Bwakira said. "Therefore we are sending a signal to the international community that these threats to peace and stability is a challenge and a threat to international peace and stability," he said. ......The unpredictable and unstable situation in Somalia has prompted neighboring Kenya to tighten security along its porous border with the Horn of Africa nation. ......As Kenya stepped up its security, al-Shabab insurgents threatened to attack Kenya accusing it of amassing troops at its border with Somalia.
Once they take Somalia, they'll start looking elsewhere, they don't just want the odd place here and there where they can beat their women and keep defecating in holes. We have to get it through our skulls, they want the world and they will stop at nothing. They won't stop or leave us alone if we leave them alone, they are not frightened of war or death, because they fight for their god and they believe that he will reward them.

As Mark Steyn said, You always have a dog in the fight, whether you know it or not. And in the case of Islam, the dogs of war are far more vicious and dangerous than we think. Even those who are not burdened with leftists fighting for the other side, lawyers, human-rights, civil liberties and all that shit are reeling against them.
Deutsche Welle - The leader of Russia's Ingushetia region is in intensive care following an assasination attempt on Monday morning. Russian officials say Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, President of the Republic of Ingushetia, was critically wounded in a blast on his cortege, which was said to be travelling outside the Ingush regional center, Nazran. ......An unnamed police official said the explosion was the work of a suicide bomber who drove into the presidential convoy. The attempt on Yevkurov's life is the latest in a string of high-profile attacks that have killed a former deputy prime minister and a senior judge within the past weeks. Ingushetia is a predominantly Muslim region, which has been fighting an Islamic insurgency for the past years.
Forget having a dog in the fight, we don't even have an ass in the fight. It ain't a swell idea to turn up to a gunfight with a knife, but if that's all you got, then cold steel it is. But that's not us westerners, we're stumbling to the fight, half-drunk and bare-arsed. We're so far out of it that when they break our laws, we can't even muster the balls or the brains to make their lives even a little less accommodating.

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