Lookit My Thumb....

One of the most deceitful tactics of the fascists running D.C. these days is the time-honored trick of the illusionist - and the bar-room sucker-punch.

Remember the ending scenes of National Lampoon's "Animal House", where "Otter" Stratton gets back at Marmalard during the parade?
Yeah, the part where he holds up his LEFT thumb and says, "Lookit my thumb" - then socks the puke with a RIGHT cross when he looks - "Gee, you're dumb."

That's what we have with the thumbs in the media and the fists in Congress and the White House.

It comes down to this:
Everyone's got their panties in a bunch about abc finally coming out of the closet and doing a prime-time infomercial for the Sacred Sock Puppet's socialized medicine scheme (which looks like it might just die the well-deserved death it truly warrants).
But while that's got all the talking heads chattering about it day and night, Congress is attempting to tear a chunk out of our republic with the "Card Check" forced unionizing bill in the Senate, and then rip chunk out of our wallets with the "Cap And Tax" Waxman-Markey bill in the House of Representatives.

The latter will cost average American families literally THOUSANDS of dollars per household in increased prices, while the former will shove unions down the throats of millions of Americans by removing the right to a secret ballot on unionization votes, allowing union thugs to intimidate people who vote against unionizing.
{trivia note: it was the unions who originally demanded secret ballots to avoid COMPANY thugs from knowing who voted FOR unionizing!}

...and I'm not EVEN going to get into how der Fehler illegally fired an Inspector General for having the nerve to investigate an obama-buddy connected with his AmeriCorps scam;
or the acorn voter-registration cheats likely being tagged to help gerrymander the US Census;
Supreme Court nominees touted for their empathy rather than their objectivity;
or the government taking over car companies and financial institutions (and the Chief Executive firing a private company CEO along with other patently unConstitutional acts);
or that little matter of the Fed printing increasingly worthless money to cover the spectacularly irresponsible spending of the lunatics running the D.C. asylum......

So what if we're enslaving our kids to crippling taxes and soul-killing inflation?
Damn the inflation! Full Spend Ahead! Bring on the Taxes!!!

Here's the number to the Capitol Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121
And here's a handy little link to how to find your personal CongressCritter:

The congenital door-knobs in D.C. are going to try to sneak those two abominations through votes on Friday, under cover of the smoke screen provided by all the fireworks over socialist health care.
Might I suggest that you CALL those treasonous bastards and tell them how you feel?
...unless you actually WANT your children and grandkids to look at you and ask,
"How could you let them do this to us?"

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