Anti-Defamation League does some defaming of its own

The ADL lists Dan Amato as a Xenophobe and Anti-Immigrant. Rather than describing him as being critical of illegal immigration, the ADL says that "Amato has spewed anti-immigrant rhetoric". Charming! The typical Leftist reliance on abuse, of course. Most of the defamation is via innuendo and guilt by association, however.

I look forward to them doing a number on me and on my immigration blog. I am sure they would be able to find plenty to twist. They would not be the first. See here. I can prove that I am not racist: Some of my best friends are NOT Jews. There! That should do it.

The ADL was formed to protect Jews but it obviously now sees its role as protecting law-breakers: Not a good way of fulfilling its original mission, I would think. Laws tend to protect Jews from often hostile populations. If I were a Jew I think I would make a point of supporting adherence to law, difficult though that often is for Leftists -- which the ADL clearly are

Mike Pechar also has some choice comments about the ADL's rather hysterical misrepresentations.

To Leftists such as the ADL, it is inconceivable that supporters of wholly legal immigration, such as Amato, Pechar and myself, support it because we believe that it gives the government the opportunity to sort out the desirable versus the undesirable immigrants, regardless of what race they may be. Our views HAVE to be motivated by racism or xenophobia, according to the Left. Abuse is their alternative to rational argument

Amato's comments below

Well the only thing that the Anti-Defamation League left out in their little defaming post on me is actually outright calling me a racist, but I assume xenophobe and "anti-immigrant" is close enough for their aims.

They have now done a full page spread on myself going back years, documenting everything in some weird stalkerish posting - including pictures of mine. They compliment me, calling me prolific and inspirational. They tie me to groups. They say that I'm with the Minutemen. A whole host of twisted and skewed information to make me appear like a hatemonger. This is what they do to everyday Americans opposed to illegal immigration.

I will not direct link to this hateful organization (hell, they didn't link to me!), but you can click on the image at right for a full readable screenshot of the article. The link below is to the original on the ADL website.

I have finally arrived?

This after all of my tireless work against illegal immigration and never once saying anything against legal immigrants? I'm not really sure why they entitled the full article on me with Brenda Walker's name in the headline. Apparently they are trying to associate the two of us, but I've never met Brenda Walker. They are weaving stuff together for falseness, not truth.

Beyond the compliments and twisted words, the pictures they post are me alongside - oddly enough - what they dub "Latino" xenophobes. Pictures of my own that I have taken at events. Included are me sitting with Raymond Herrera and Mariann Davies - they would dub them "Hispanics".

They seem to have quite the knowledge on me, yet twist it. Anyone who thought that the ADL was some sort of legitimate organization can think this no more. Anyone who knows me, knows that I vehemently oppose any racial groups trying to split this country and fight for an equal playing field for all peoples legally in the US - both citizens and residents.

Here's a little fact that they can add to their little list. When I was in the Navy I actually worked hard in order to pick my own Orders, finishing high in my class so that I could choose Japan as my duty station. Yes I'm such a xenophobe that I wanted to go to Japan and travel all over the Pacific because I hate foreigners. That's just the way I am.

There are other quite obvious things about me, of which my family knows, that pretty much throws that xenophobe charge out the window, but I won't give the ADL any more information than I have to (not that they would mention actual truth).

And yes, this post has been classified in both the Outrageous and Humor categories as that is what their posting on me is.


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