Madness I tell you, just madness!

Daily Mail - More than 100 pupils walked out of lessons at their high school in protest at a ban on girls wearing short skirts. Teachers have warned pupils at Upton-by-Chester High School in Cheshire that unless hem-lines became more modest, they would be forced to wear trousers instead. But scores of girls - and a few boys - refused to comply and organised an angry demonstration using social networking site Facebook. Chanting 'If skirts go, we go!' they began milling about and refusing to return to lessons, with some going on the rampage, swearing at teachers and disrupting exams. Today some parents said the school's approach was heavy-handed and insisted their daughters did not dress indecently.
If you click on the Daily Mail link you can see some of the cretins whining that the school won't let them show their nether regions and I think that modesty is not the only reason why short skirts should be banned. But coming back to the topic, if short skirts are alright, then why stop there, what about those who just feel like wearing their panties to school, what's all this crap about uniforms and all that. The spoiled, whiny little cretins feel like this and that, the parents are happy to let them run around swearing at their teachers and all that, so why waffle around with hem lines and all that, just go the whole hog, take it all of and walk around like a bunch of pigs in heat.
MEN - A COVEN of witches is claiming religious discrimination after church leaders banned them from using its social club. Sandra Davis - High Priestess at the Crystal Cauldron - had reserved the Catholic Our Lady's Social Club in Shaw Heath, Stockport, for her Pagan group's Annual Witches' Ball in October. ......Sandra, 61, said: "I'm appalled. My congregation is shocked that in this day and age there can be such religious discrimination. "We're normal people who follow an earth-based religion and want to enjoy ourselves.
Amazing that shit like this can even get an airing. We're talking the church and its property, they ought to be able to give it to whoever the heck they feel like. Bloody hell, what next, some pro-abortionists decide, oh let's have a live abortion display at the Catholic church's social club and the church has to let them do this. The reason being, the pro-abortionists just follow a hell-based religion and want to enjoy themselves. What about the homo & lesbian clubs, why can't they hold one of their group-sex gatherings in the Catholic church's social club venue. I mean, they're just 'normal' fairies following their depraved religion and want to enjoy themselves by taking it up the backside.

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