Grow a pair Hussein O! - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Barack Obama on Thursday not to interfere in Iran's internal affairs after the US president said he was ‘appalled and outraged’ by post-election violence, a news agency reported. ‘Mr Obama made a mistake to say those things...our question is why he fell into this trap and said things that previously (former US President George W.) Bush used to say,’ the semi-official Fars News Agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.
Elsewhere this is being reported as, Obama the same as Bush, oooohhh that's gotta hurt the lefties. Obama the same as George Bush, the object of irrational, knee-jerk leftist hatred!

None the less, what Ahmadinejad is saying is, bend over, keep quiet, not your place dhimmi, shut it, screw you. Hussein O has done his utmost to say nothing, do nothing, weasel this way and that until just about everyone was demanding that he grow a pair and at least say something! But all his weaseling and groveling has been for naught, and this is because we continue to misunderstand the Islamists.

Like Robert Spencer says, it's not what we say or do that causes them to hate us, it's their religion, it tells them to dominate the world, it tells them we are inferior to them, that we can never be equal to them and we must be reduced to a state of humiliation and servitude. Think about it, if you were some master race of aliens that inhabited a nearby galaxy possessing far superior technology to us humans, would you tolerate some human wanker prattling on about your business.

It doesn't matter that we are superior or think we are all the same, reality does not enter the equation here because you're not dealing with the rational. Get it through your thick skull Hussein O, grow a pair and stick it to the bastards at every turn, that's what they did to the soldiers you are supposedly the commander in chief of. They have your soldiers blood on their hands, when they had the chance they didn't try to stay out of your way and weasel around, so you must return the favor with compound interest.

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