Those eeeevvvviiiil Jooooooos!

INN - Israel completed a new pipeline into Gaza on Tuesday. It is intended to facilitate Israel's ongoing supply of fuel and natural gas to the civilian population of the Hamas-controlled region. ......In a statement from the IDF Spokesman's Office regarding the new pipeline, the army said it "will continue to work in order to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip."

Since the mid-January conclusion of the counterterrorist campaign in Gaza, Operation Cast Lead, Israel has transferred 40.17 million liters of fuel to Gaza. Israel supplies cooking and heating fuel according to PA demands, exempting those supplies from Israeli sanctions on the jihadist Hamas regime currently controlling the region.
And here we were all led to believe that bands of marauding Jews ride into Gaza, whenever they feel like letting loose, where they shoot Palestinian women and children in the back while they flee and cower in the rubble. But here they are supplying fuel and gas to the Gazans, I doubt very much that you'll see any of this on the evening news, I guess someone has to do the thankless job ey. Now, let's have a look at what those poor innocents, flower-gatherers and organic farmers are up to in Gaza shall we.
INN - A Palestinian Authority 15-year-old was tortured and murdered this week for allegedly cooperating with Israel. According to PA police, the primary suspects in the case are several members of the teenager's own family. The suspects, both men and women, have reportedly admitted to their roles in the crime. They justified the act by explaining their suspicious regarding the boy's behavior. ......PA forces said that at this time, they have not found evidence to indicate that Sawalha was in fact spying for Israel.

......In similar news, an “honor” murder was reported in Gaza on Thursday, while in Israel a man was indicted for murdering his daughter in an alleged “honor” killing. In Gaza, police found the body of 21-year-old Sadia abu-Saad. The young woman's father admitted to killing her in order to “preserve family honor.” Abu-Saad is the seventh person to be murdered in Gaza for reasons of “family honor” since the beginning of 2009.
They tortured and murdered a 15-year-old boy for allegedly collaborating with Israel. Think about it, even if he was, what the heck was he supposedly selling out to the nasty Jews? What the @#$& would a 15-year-old boy know that's so crucial to their wretched cause? And it was his own family! I suppose this shouldn't come any great shock since enough Muslim fathers have no problems with killing their own daughters.

And we're supposed to feel sorry for these savages and treat them with respect.

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