Full-steam ahead with depravity

FOX News - In a signal to gay rights activists that he's listening to their priorities, President Obama on Wednesday signed small changes in benefits available to same-sex couples of federal employees. The extended benefits include an option for employees' domestic partners to be added to a government insurance program that pays for long-term conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease. They also would be allowed to take sick leave to care for a sick partner or non-biological child.
We await king hussein to also grant these privileges to other couples, like father-son, mother-son, brother-sister, father-daughter, man-woman-woman, man-woman-man, woman-woman-woman-man etc couples. After all what's the basis for same-sex couples, that they love each other and commit to each other, right. Things like family, children, society, building-blocks and all that crap have nothing to do with it, right. People should not have Christian morals forced upon them, right.

So why can't the couples I mentioned above, that all love each other and are committed to each other get these same benefits? I mean, Hussein Obama is not some sort of bigot and bastard couple-phobe is he? Or are homos and lesbians more equal.

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