"Secret Flirts" game teaches girls 'toxic' lessons

We read:

"FAMILY groups have attacked a video game that teaches young girls how to flirt, describing it as a dangerous sexualisation of youth culture.

Called Secret Flirts, the game for Nintendo DS claims to show girls how to "make everyone fall for you".

A promotional video providing a walk-through of Secret Flirts starts with a groovy young girl giving a sly wink and a Cupid's arrow piercing a pink heart.

The first "lessons" of the game teach girls to do their make-up and choose clothes and accessories.

The next lesson is to "improve your attraction" by going to a hairdresser, a beauty centre and a gym. Then players are ready to listen to advice from the "Love Coach".

"Become more irresistible day after day – then win the heart of the boy of your dreams," Secret Flirt promises.


Hard to see what's objectionable about it. There is no mention of sex in it as far as I can see. What is wrong with a girl wanting to be attractive? I suspect that it is only dried-out old uglies who are protesting.

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