What's Next?

The treasonous progressive pirate scum in the House sold out their nation - YOU AND ME AND OUR KIDS! - by a 219-212 vote.
A margin of only seven roaches...er, "representatives".

Here's a link to the Judas Gallery of traitors who voted "aye" (an appropriate pirate word, eh?) on the America-crushing "Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Tax" abomination:

You need to contact your personal "representative" and either congratulate or excoriate.
Remind those who voted FOR that pseudo-science global-warming-hoax pile of compost that WE have LOOOOONNNNNG memories for those who stab us in the collective back, and WE WILL REMEMBER THEIR TREACHERY NEXT NOVEMBER!
...you might politely inquire as to whether or not 30 pieces of silver is adequate severance pay, because that vote cost them their current employment......

So what's next?

NOT the Sacred Sock Puppet, since the ONLY veto threat he's issued so far is that he'll piss on ANY bill that would fund the F-22 RAPTOR!
Which leaves the Senate....a tough battle, and one we must start on RIGHT NOW!
Here's the same link from the previous post to a site where you can get the phone numbers and email addresses of the pirate scum-bags who supposedly "represent" you there:

Bombard them.
Be polite, be firm, use facts.
Remind them that THEY work for US.

....ESPECIALLY those pukes who are up for reelection next year.

Did you actually think I'd let a little set-back like this make me give up the fight?
.....not by a long-damned-shot.
I'm still breathing, ain't I?

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