Hussein Obama's Amigos

FOX News - President Hugo Chavez threatened to close down an opposition-sided news network, saying the defiant Globovision channel’s days on the airwaves will be numbered if its directors don’t stand down. Chavez on Thursday urged executives at Globovision “to reflect” upon the TV channel’s tough anti-government stance — or else the station “won’t be on the airwaves much longer.” ……Chavez recently called for sanctions against Globovision, and within a week Venezuela’s tax agency slapped the network with a $2.3 million fine, prosecutors charged its president in a probe into alleged fraud and lawmakers began investigating the channel for purportedly joining an anti-government conspiracy.
Well, there goes that leftist Chavez, shutting down yet another media outlet that won't bend to his leftist will. Isn't it amazing how leftists always promise utopia, a new beginning, change etc under their leadership. They'll assure those that voted for them, trust me, I'm bringing wonders, gifts and precious jewels. Yet they almost always have to find ways to silence any and all criticism of them. When it comes to the more hardcore ones, they'll also stop you from leaving the country. Why is it that no one can criticize the utopia they have brought or are on the verge of bringing, why is it that one cannot freely leave the utopia they've created.

If their rule or policies are so wonderful, why is it that media outlets must be shut down, shafted and bankrupted into submission and citizens jailed and fenced in. Why would anyone want to leave a real utopia or criticize it. And why would Hussein Obama call this fellow, Mi Amigo!

Speaking of Hussein Obama and questionable decisions.
FOX News - What remains under dispute is the extent to which that sense of fairness extended to people like Ricci and his fellow firefighters/plaintiffs who (along with one Hispanic) are all white and were appearing before Sotomayor and two other judges on the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals. In a case that was heard last year, the firefighters were seeking relief from a decision to set aside their promotion exam test scores because no black applicants did well enough to merit advancement.

New Haven city leaders, fearing a civil rights lawsuit from its black community did away with all of the test scores and promoted no one. In a controversial decision at the time and since, Sotomayor and her fellow judges perfunctorily rejected the firefighter's claims and affirmed the decision of a lower court.
As you can see, your ability doesn’t count for much anymore, you can be real good at your job, excel at it even, but if you’re white, screw you whitey, suck it in bastard. Screw ability and talent, it’s all about the color of your skin man.

People marched and fought, not so long ago, so that black people and non-whites could attend the same schools, go to the same beaches, enjoy the same privileges as whites, and now before our very eyes it’s going the other way. Time to get square with whitey, put the boot into that bastard, because of the color of his/her skin. Shame Hussein Obama, shame!

On a side note, you know how Sotomayor the latino-first and judge-somewhere-down-the-track decreed a latino woman ‘wiser’ than an old white coot, well what about a black fella, would she be ‘wiser’ in that case too? What about an Asian fellow, Indians, Africans, Eskimos? I could go into the different sexes but let’s keep this simple for now alright.

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