Looks like a common leftist

Daily Mail - A hospital consultant's son kept a suicide vest and explosives at his home ready for a terrorist attack, a court heard yesterday. Andrew Ibrahim, who was educated at a leading public school, is said to have come under the spell of radicals after converting to Islam. He watched videos of extremists such as Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri Mohammed and the 7/7 bombers, Winchester Crown Court heard.

He allegedly surveyed targets in preparation for a terrorist attack after likening the UK to 'living in a dirty toilet'. The 20-year-old had changed his name from Andrew to Isa in 2006, shortly after converting to Islam while still living with his parents. He was 18 when they kicked him out and disowned him because he was using drugs. He moved to a homeless hostel in Bristol and then to a flat on the edge of the city while he studied for his A-levels.

'Sitting in his fridge inside a family assortment sized biscuit box was a quantity of homemade high explosive known as HMTD,' said prosecutor Mark Ellison QC. 'In a cupboard under his kitchen sink were some of the ingredients he had needed to make the explosives and a crudely-made electrical circuit. 'Hanging from the back of the bedroom door was a homemade white cotton vest consisting of a central panel at the front and back with straps going over the shoulder. 'That is the sort of vest which is used sometimes by what are known as suicide bombers. Explosives go in the pocket.'

You know I'm right, look at him, if you walked into this punk on the street, with his ear rings, colored hair and all that, you know your first impressions will be along the lines of, hippie, crack-pusher/addict, eco-terrorist, anti-war nutjob, welfare queen, graffiti vandal, etc. You know the kind that claim to be for free speech and in the next breath are screaming down anyone who dares to say anything he doesn't approve of.

What's more worrying is that the more of these types that spring up, the greater the danger of them actually succeeding. I mean look at him, if the authorities didn't tell you he was a jihadist scumbag, you wouldn't know it. The perfect homicide bomber, he'll escape profiling, he wasn't born over in Pakistan, has no ties there, looks like just another westerner. If you were on a bus and an Arab looking fellow got on wearing a bulky jacket carrying the koran and mumbling prayers to himself, you'd be looking for the fire escape, but not with this fellow. He looks like one of us, a very worrying trend folks.

And don't kid yourself that the authorities caught him and they'll deal with him, you know what western justice is like, he hasn't killed anyone so even if he's found guilty, they'll let him out in a few years. What they ought to do to prevent this from happening is make him serve out his sentence, then deport him to any muslim country that'll take him, but you know that won't happen, our leaders and most of us don't have the balls or the brains to deal with this before it's too late.

Oh and someone ought to inform President we-will-never-be-at-war-with-Islam, here's another one of them Muslims who is hell-bent on making war upon the western world and guess what, he's not reading another version of the Koran or something, it's the same one, the one that so many supposedly misunderstand and are reading incorrectly.

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