Christianity is unhelpful now

Daily Mail - Doctors are demanding the right to discuss religion with patients and to pray for them. Medics will discuss the issue at the British Medical Association (BMA) conference this week. It follows recent cases where health workers had got into trouble for offering spiritual support to those in their care. Cancer specialist Dr Bernadette Birtwhistle, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said: 'I think it is getting to the point where many of us feel we cannot talk to patients about their spiritual or religious needs or ask them about praying. 'Christianity is being seen as something that is unhelpful.

Christianity is unhelpful now, two things on this. One, assuming that most of us believe that western civilization is superior and far better than other civilizations around the world, what did those who made the western world this better place believe in? What religion were they?

Two, assuming that those who answered the above question aren't stupid or dishonest, why then, is Christianity seen as being unhelpful? It's almost as if those who see Christianity as unhelpful have nefarious motives, no?

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