Welcome, welcome to Eurabia

Please check your rights at the front desk and proceed in an orderly fashion to your stations with the rest of the minions. As KG posted earlier on new Sporran regulations, it’s not just the Sporran wearers who will be cudgeled into line.
It turns it into a constitutional freak, a bureaucratic Frankenstein’s monster without a shred of democratic legitimacy, which will destroy what remains of our powers of self-government and make Mr Blair’s apparent ‘opt-outs’ absurdly irrelevant.

For example, the EU is now to have its own foreign minister. The fact that this panjandrum will be called the EU’s ‘high representative’, which sounds like something straight out of Gilbert and Sullivan, does not detract from his power — which is to head a diplomatic service with ambassadors worldwide in pursuit of an EU foreign policy.

What’s more, member states will be forced to support that policy ‘actively and unreservedly’– and will be barred from launching military strikes or declaring war that might be thought to damage the EU’s standing. In other words, we would be forbidden from defending our own interests and would be forced instead to do whatever the EU collectively decides. Full Article from Melanie Phillips.
Imagine that Iranian kidnap fiasco happens again, what is Britain going to do if Brussels tells them; look the Iranians are selling us oil at a discount, so you guys will have to take one for the team on this. If you don’t like it you can always write a letter and wait 7 working days for a reference number, please quote this reference number when making inquiries. As more bitter fruits are reaped from these forays into mad left ideology, I wonder if it is too late to change course.

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