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Last night I happened to be flicking through the channels and stumbled upon a program on the ABC, all I heard was something about torture and I saw George Bush and I heard something about Gitmo and then it switched to old film about Nazi Germany. I just thought, oh here we go, we in the west are the same as old Germany who exterminated six million Jews, yes we’re doing the same, gassing folks just for the heck of it. I realise the program could have been completely different, but then again we're talking the ABC here.

So in the interests of my blood pressure and seeing I was tired from a long day, I decided to leave it at that, I’d rather watch Desperate Housewives or grass grow than watch those ratbag commies carp on about how horrible we all are. Then this morning I hear our workplace laws are worse than that of Columbia, no really folks, apparently we are one of 25 countries in the world that have the worst workplace laws.
Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey blamed Ms Burrow yesterday for having Australia included on a list of the world's worst labour regimes - replacing Colombia, where 72 unionists were assassinated last year. The list of 25 alleged international offenders, including Australia, will be considered in Geneva on Thursday by a committee of the International Labour Organisation, a special agency of the UN dedicated to improving labour standards. Mr Hockey expects that the Howard Government will be reprimanded for ignoring an ILO obligation to promote collective bargaining in Australia.

Ms Burrow - who holds an influential post as president of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, as well as being the public face of the ACTU - confirmed last night that she had used her influence to put Australia in line for an official ILO reprimand. Ms Burrow said that the US, Britain and Japan were also included on the list of 25 nations facing reprimand by an ILO expert committee of jurors. Source.
In all honesty, when I hear an organization is affiliated with the UN, to me it’s suspect. Apart from that, these bunch of paper shufflers also deem the US and Britain to be on this list of theirs. This alone is enough evidence that these are a bunch of oxygen pilfering, communist, west-hating, parasitical, leftist losers.

I don’t know if these oxygen thieves are aware of the thousands of people leaving their homes for places like the US and Britain, these folks brave seas, sharks in the seas, storms in the seas, leaky boats in the seas, pirates on the seas and God-knows what else to get to places like America. This might come as a real shock to the oxygen thieves at the ILO, but these folks do all this, not to enjoy the sun or to see the vast highways or something, but to find work in the US and Britain, you know to join the world’s worst labour markets that are America and Britain.

So Sharon Burrows joins the commies at the ABC and that gasbag over at Amnesty International in telling us how terrible we all are and don’t think they are referring to our leaders, you voted for these leaders, so it’s your decision and your judgement that they are attacking. As far as I am concerned these fools can talk to the hand.

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Update – Burrow’s Mates, Che T-shirt says it all

"They're yobbos and every time they appear in their 'No ticket, no start' gear they take the party back 50 years,'' a Labor source said yesterday. Victorian police yesterday confirmed that a CFMEU member had been charged with making alleged death threats and assaulting two public officials at a Bunnings hardware construction site in Melbourne on December 6 last year.


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