You have to get lucky every time

I remember the other day watching some program on TV about Tony Blair stepping down as Prime Minister of Britain. The woman was of the opinion that Tony Blair’s legacy would probably be remembered for the mistake that was Iraq. Well they withdrew a lot of troops recently and England is known to be the most accommodating of Islam, so this should come as a surprise to some in England. Probably not to most of us though.
A huge manhunt is under way for a group of suspected al-Qa'eda terrorists after two car bombs were planted in the West End of London. The first, a Mercedes filled with petrol cans, gas canisters, and nails, was primed to explode as hundreds of revellers poured out of a nightclub. The second, another Mercedes, was dumped in the area and its deadly cargo discovered by parking wardens who had towed it - unwittingly - to a car pound. They became suspicious of a strong smell of petrol or gas. The attempted bombings prompted fears of a new summer campaign by extremists. Today's Gay Pride in central London, expected to attract up to 500,000 people, is to go ahead as planned.

They appear timed to coincide with Gordon Brown's arrival as Prime Minister and came two years after the July 7 attacks on London. The row over Salman Rushdie's knighthood may also be a factor. Hours before the bombs were found, a message appeared on the internet, in the al Hesbah chat forum, a Sunni website frequently used by al-Qa'eda and the Taliban to disseminate propaganda. It read: "Today I say: rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed". It attacked the author's knighthood. "We, and the whole world has seen what Britain has done ... their intention to honour Salman Rushdie who insulted and slandered Islam." Source.
Want to know when this might stop, I’ll tell you when England, when your academics and other fools start to see accept a little country in the Middle East surrounded by enemies and fighting for its survival every day. When you no longer have to be shamed into looking after old soldiers that fought for you in forgotten wars. When you no longer give any quarter, any escape and any oxygen to people who preach hatred of you on your own soil. When you no longer regret helping an ally who bled from being attacked in a cowardly fashion. When you no longer regret freeing a people and giving them a chance at a better life. When you decide your place is with a General who is not giving the enemy an option to surrender. When you cause a disproportionate amount of pain to an enemy that captures and parades your soldiers. When you humble and humiliate those who oppose your handing out of a knighthood by encouraging suicide bombings.

That is when you’ll be on the road back, until then you have to get lucky every time and they only have to get lucky once. Feeling lucky England?

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  1. Feeling lucky? Yes! And you ... Fuck You! Die Scum.


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