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Teenage girl fights back and beats up muggers

THREE would-be muggers got more than they bargained for when their teenage target fought back and beat them up - and lectured them while she did it.

The 17-year-old girl punched the male thug in the groin and let loose on the two females with him when they jumped on her.
The trio, who were trying to steal the teen's car, ran off "with their tails between their legs".
The incident happened in the undercover car park at Darwin's Casuarina Square last week.

The teenager, who did not want to be identified, said she panicked when the trio approached.

"I was walking to my car alone and they were yelling out 'give me your keys, give me your car, give me your bag'," she said.
"I hopped in the car in a panic and tried to lock the doors but it didn't work. I got dragged out of the car and they hit me a few times.

"I kept thinking 'you're not taking my dad's car - I've already damaged it once'.

"Then the guy tried hopping in the car and grabbed my handbag but the strap got caught on the gear stick.

"I just swung and hit him in the nuts and he hit the ground screaming."

The teen said she then elbowed one of the girls in the face - giving her a blood nose - and they ran away.
The teen's 57-year-old father said he was "bloody mad" about the attack but was proud of his daughter.

"I told her never to do that again as they could have had a knife or anything," he said.
"But it sounds like she certainly showed them a lesson or two. She's never been in a fight before, but she's a pretty tough girl. She told them 'what are you doing out here robbing people, you should be at school'."

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