Mayonnaise, Socialism and Beef

Do you like Mayonnaise, you like normal one or the fat-free one? Personally I don’t like any fat-free products, because they’re usually full of other things to make them taste as good as the real thing but they don’t.

But coming back to Mayonnaise and Beef, if you like these, then don’t vote for the socialists because they’ll promise you Utopia and deliver nothing like it. We in the west are spoilt with all the choices we have. Have a read over at the Jungle Hut to see how much choice you have in Socialist Venezuela, some utopia isn’t it. I just hope this is not the norm all over the country, but just where she lives.

Chairman Chavez brings you pig’s feet instead; I believe it’s an acquired taste.

Update – Rather vote for the conservatives and here is the result

The unemployment rate dropped to 4.2 per cent in May, compared with 4.4 per cent in April, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed. The result was the lowest reading since November 1974 when the then quarterly unemployment reading stood at four per cent.

Total employment rose 39,400 to 10.454 million, seasonally adjusted. Economists had expected total employment to rise by 10,000 and the unemployment rate to remain at 4.4 per cent. Full-time employment increased by 66,800 to 7.530 million, while part-time employment fell 27,400 to 2.924 million. Source.

MK - Bring on that wretched Capitalism and leave the pig’s feet over on the left.

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