Exclusive - secret ‘Black Ops’ unit exposed

Pentagon officials have been embarrassed by the leaking of highly classified information about one of the US Military’s elite ‘Black Ops’ units. This photo was taken by one of the MSM’s brave reporters who is in hiding fearing reprisals but will emerge if a Pulitzer is on the cards. Whitehouse spokesman Tony Snow refused to comment, left-wing media are using this as more evidence of George Bush’s illegal surveillance of liberals sexual activities behind closed doors.

The incident has sparked outrage around the globe, with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Kamel-bin-aziz-humper issuing a strongly worded fatwa against all such elite units, promising extra virgins for any Shaheed who fought against these deadly ‘little’ Satan. Iran’s president Amajihad has ordered the country’s nuclear and military installations to ‘high’ alert and additional funds and personnel will be allocated to repel a possible surgical rodent attack. Congressman Jack Murtha has already issued a statement condemning any actions by this Black Ops unit as a ‘war crime’, he also called for the immediate redeployment of this unit to Qatar.

Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton stood by her decision to fund the elite unit, saying she relied on advice from President Bush, liberal nutroots bloggers are calling on Hillary to apologize for her vote and cut the elite unit loose. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, could not be reached for comment, her lackeys said she was on the phone to Damascus to assure the Syrians that congress would deny funding to this bushy-tailed rodent force and that President Bush was acting on his own. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said this secret force was made up of undocumented American animals and that President Bush had failed, again.

Australia’s federal opposition leader Kevin Rudd cut short his groveling outside the Chinese embassy to call on Prime Minister John Howard to ‘come clean’ to the Australian public, he also called for a public inquiry run by loony leftists who now feel vindicated over their previous ‘lying rodent’ statements about the Prime Minister.

Unknown sources within Israeli Mossad said that they were in contact with the Pentagon over this and were ‘very interested’. Hamas spokesman Abu-goad-ali-humper said this was further proof of Zionist aggression and they would not rest until the Zionist pigs, apes and squirrels were all driven into the sea.

Read the full classified report. Thanks to The Sniper.

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