That word is thrown around far too easily today but these people have earned it. First of all, the two men who were shot by that piece of shit Christopher Wayne Hudson in Melbourne.

Brendan Keilar and a Dutch tourist (whose name I don't think has been released yet) saw a woman, a complete stranger, in trouble and went to her assistance. Both got shot, Keilar was murdered. I truly do not have the words to properly express my respect for those two gentlemen.

They have set the standard for how citizens should be act when a fellow citizen is in trouble.

Then we have the nine fire fighters who lost their lives over in South Carolina when a roof collapsed on them.

Fire fighters (along with police) are greatly undervalued and get neither the respect nor compensation they deserve. And I'll tell you this - while police are out there everyday and are targeted by the worst scum of humanity, I would still rather be facing an armed gang than having to fight back a wall of fire some 30kms long, which could engulf you in a matter of seconds at the whim of a change in the wind.

Yet these fire fighters willingly go out and face these infernos, often at the cost of their own lives.

And we have the US and Iraqi soldiers who rescued those orphans from an "orphanage".

I guess they didn’t get the memo about how they were supposed to torture and murder those children instead of saving them from such appalling conditions...

Those guys have a tough job as it is, and seeing something like this, something that strikes home so hard to those of us in Western Civilization is something else they will have to live with, and yet they will go on doing their duty in the face of it all.

We all know how the leftist filth are going to play that, and while I was going to say it, let's just sit back and wait for them to reveal how completely and morally bankrupt they are all by themselves.

Spare a moment’s thought for those guys, and if you are so inclined, spare a prayer for the families of the deceased.

We are poorer for having lost them as well.

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