‘No’, to the 2-state solution

Nope, they wanted to drive the Jews into the sea, bugger 2-state, we want 1 state, wipe Israel off the map, ok then, on your way, off you go. How about 3 states then?
Witnesses say Hamas forces have taken over Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' compound in Gaza City. Abbas wasn't there at the time. The beleaguered leader abandoned Gaza and fled to the West Bank, where those from his own Fatah party went on the offensive and rounded up three dozen Hamas fighters. The fear was that Hamas' momentum could spread to the West Bank.

Abbas declared a state of emergency and disbanded the Hamas-led unity government after the Islamic militant group vanquished its Fatah rivals and effectively took control of the Gaza Strip on Thursday. It was a day of major victories for Hamas and its backers in Iran and Syria — and of devastating setbacks for the Western-backed Fatah.

Abbas, of Fatah, fired the Hamas prime minister and said he would install a new government, replacing the Hamas-Fatah coalition formed just three months ago. Abbas' decrees won't reverse the Hamas takeover of Gaza. Instead, his moves will enable Fatah to consolidate its control over the West Bank, likely paving the way for two separate Palestinian governments. Source.
So now we’ll have 3 states instead, way to go guys, that’s a swell job you’ve done there, I guess this is the price to pay for all that jihad and hatred.

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