Typical leftist response

Just last week when the Aussie PM pulled out the big stick to tackle the problems in Australia’s aboriginal community, some were squealing racism. Leftists when challenged over abortion or gay marriage will squeal human rights are being violated. When leftist losers can’t sell their boring books or no one listens to them, they squeal that freedom of speech is being trampled. Talk about immigration and wanting to keep out folks who want to come in through the back door and it's the trifecta xenophobia, racism and human rights.
Europe sees creationism as threat to human rights. Europe's primary human rights body will vote on a proposal this week to defend the teaching of Darwinian evolution and keep creationist and intelligent design views out of science classes in state schools in its 47 member countries.

The unusual move shows that a U.S. trend for religiously based challenges to the theory of evolution is worrying European politicians, who now see such arguments put forward in their countries by Christian and Muslim groups. Source.
Maybe I’m just the only one in the dark here, was Darwin’s theory proven, is it now fact, proven, case closed? Did we all arise on the planet from puddles of some fluid or is it that leftists are a bit scared of being questioned, having their flimsy beliefs questioned and torn to pieces?

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