screw you, leftists

The Howard government has moved to put an end to the drunkenness, violence and child abuse in remote Aboriginal settlements in the Northern Territory. Among the measures announced are linking welfare payments to the attendance of children at school, the banning of booze, an audit of government funded computers to detect and remove pornography, a massive clean-up campaign by the locals to get rid of the mountains of garbage around their houses etc etc.It's a pretty drastic program--the N.T. News has headlines screaming "MARTIAL LAW".

Yet....and yet the usual suspects, civil rights activists, lefty stirrers and all the feelgood theorists who seldom--if ever--visited these hellholes are up in arms. Words such as "genocide" are being used and one of the main complaints I've seen is that this initiative may win the government the next election.
Fine. If giving kids like these a decent opportunity in life, if protecting them from rape and starvation and pornography, if ensuring they get a good education wins John Howard the next election, all I can say is seldom will an election have been won by anyone more deserving of it.
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"PRIME Minister John Howard says support for his plan to tackle child sexual abuse in indigenous communities has been so overwhelming, that members of the public are volunteering their services."
because Aussies are so--you know--racist and all.

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