Forgive my skepticism

I’m sure all the families would say he was an angel, never hurt a fly, this is ludicrous, only went to Pakistan/Lebanon because the summer posies are in full bloom at this time of year and he loves posies so much. Did you know ‘The Posies’ are a Seattle (USA) based pop band, also described as an American alternative rock group.
A Sydney man arrested in Lebanon is not connected to a hardline militant group and will be released some time in the next few days, his family says. Ibrahim Sabouh, 33, has been living in Lebanon for more than a year with his wife and family. Mr Sabouh, who has worked in finance in Sydney, was arrested on Thursday by Lebanese security forces at his apartment in Abu Samra, near the northern city of Tripoli.

Lebanese authorities are reported as saying Mr Sabouh may be connected to the militant group Fatah al-Islam, but his family has denied the claims. "I don't know where the hell they got that from," Mr Sabouh's nephew, Zac Sabouh, told AAP today from his family's Auburn home in Sydney's west. "We read the papers as well - that's a load of shit." Source.
Yes, yes off course, can someone over at the AFP and ASIO do a bit of digging, just have a look around for certain things like, you know, if the fellow is on a disability pension but is running in marathons or something ‘innocent’ like that. Check if he is on the dole but is sipping soy chai lattes and nibbling biscotti in the latte belt and don’t forget this little bit.
Australia's Sunni and Shia Muslims have formed a united front against Israel and declared their support for the Iranian-backed terrorist network Hezbollah. Source.
See, this is why we regular folks are skeptical, on the one hand they insist their trips to the homelands are just for peace, strawberries and tourism, but then they go and express solidarity with terrorist groups, so it’s hard not to be suspicious.

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