Godless, morally bankrupt ratbags

Get back into line Cardinal, freedom of speech and stating your opinion are only for those who follow the green/leftist agenda, the rest of you can get stuffed, shut the hell up or else. Freedom of religion & speech only applies to the godless, morally bankrupt leftist religion and off course to Islam because you know, beheadings and all that nasty business, leftists don’t have the balls to resist any of that.
Cardinal George Pell could be found in contempt of Parliament pending an inquiry into his comments on therapeutic cloning last week. The Legislative Council Privileges Committee today confirmed it would investigate the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, after he told members of Parliament that voting for a bill to legalise stem cell research "has consequences for their place in the life of the church."

The committee have no punitive powers, but could reprimand Cardinal Pell for his actions. However, Greens MP Lee Rhiannon, who requested the inquiry, has voiced concerns over the objectivity of two members on the committee - Christian Democrat Fred Nile and Catholic Labor member Greg Donnelly. Despite this, she said the inquiry would act as a warning for Cardinal Pell before the upper house votes on the bill. Source.
Nothing like shafting the Christians ey, I look forward to hearing of inquiries the next time any leftist ratbag opens his/undecided/her mouth about anything. Speaking of leftist ratbags, remember last week the French held their legislative elections and at the time Sarko was leading, Sego was scrambling to form some sort of alliance with rest of her leftist allies. Here are the results; looks like the French have tired of their experiment with leftist ideology.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy's right-wing party has won an absolute majority in the nation's parliament, taking 314 out of 577 seats in the National Assembly, official results show. Source.
Don’t you just love it when leftists get kicked; suck it up ratbags, Sarko has his majority, forget voting and whining about it, this is going to hurt. Sarko will allow overtime and it won’t be taxed, hurts like a sonofab!@#% doesn’t it, he who works for his money will get to keep it and you can’t touch it, so sad. Don’t forget, there goes the 35-hour week, you bunch of lazy parasites will get left behind as regular folks start to figure out they can better themselves and get ahead, without you leeches hanging off their backs.

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