If those crickets would just stop chirping

What am I banging on about now? Remember last year when Hezbollah provoked a fight with Israel, kidnapped two of their soldiers and started sending rockets over the border into Israel targeting all and sundry? Remember the squealing from the Eurabians and leftists around the globe, “we are all Hezbollah”, disproportionate force, oh how they squealed at Israel, no you can’t do this, too much force, hold back, human rights, you might kill the terrorists, war crimes, on and on it went. The media even lied, remember the photo scam blown sky-high out of the water by Little Green Footballs I think, the ‘rusting’ ambulance fiasco, the anti-Israel bias at the BBC, all to save their terrorist scumbag friends and kill Jews. Well if the crickets can pipe down, maybe we’ll be able to hear the whining from the rest of the leftist world over this.
Lebanon's army pounded Islamic militants hiding in a bombed-out Palestinian refugee camp Sunday for the third straight day, while fighting erupted outside another camp in the south, stoking fears of widespread violence breaking out in the country.

Fierce fighting has engulfed the outskirts of the Nahr el-Bared camp in northern Lebanon since Friday, when the Lebanese army — using tanks and artillery — launched an offensive to drive the Fatah Islam militants from their positions inside the settlement.

At least 20 civilians and about 60 militants have also been killed, but that doesn't include casualties in the last three days because relief organizations and journalists have been prohibited from entering the camp. The army claimed the militants had taken up positions in mosques and humanitarian centers inside the camp, using civilians as "human shields."

According to an Associated Press photographer near the camp, a Fatah Islam sniper could be seen moving from one destroyed building to another as Lebanese troops bombarded the structure from where he was shooting. Security officials said another militant was firing rocket-propelled grenades from the minaret of a mosque, but it was not clear if the army would strike it. Source.
Oh dear, whatever happened to human rights, religious sensitivity and disproportionate force, oh yeah, no Jews involved. There was a bit of whining when there was news the Americans were sending Nerve gas and Cluster bombs to the Lebanese Army but not much else. I guess if they could just get Fatah and Hamas to stop hating each other more than they hate Jews down south, we might have to turn down the volume control then. So what are the leftists busy plotting?
Britain's largest union of university and college teachers voted to hold talks on an academic boycott of Israel. The University and College Union, which represents around 120,000 staff members, voted last week to allow local branches to make a final decision on imposing a boycott on cooperation with Israeli academics.

Britain's largest union subsequently announced that it also planned to debate a similar motion at its annual meeting in a few weeks, in a sign that the movement to boycott Israel is mushrooming further in the UK. Source.
As usual, the leftists are trying to screw over the only democracy in that region because you know; they are all about democracy, social justice, free speech and all that. While the good Unions are busy organizing boycotts, will they be organizing one against Russia, I read this morning that Putin will be pointing missiles at your fellow EU citizens soon. Last I checked Israel isn’t pointing any of its missiles at you guys so I’d be more concerned about the other guy, who incidentally isn’t frightened of assassinating his opponents on your soil either, but that’s just me.

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