N.Z. lefties have the answers!

This comment from a New Zealand lefty over at NZ Conservative about how to fix the problems in Aboriginal communities:

"Psycho Milt said...

"Sometimes it's necessary to make the hard decisions."

Howard's already proven himeself incapable of that. The hard decision would be to go down NZ's path - sign a treaty recognising the original inhabitants and establishing some basis other than theft for the later arrivals to be there, then set about using that treaty for either the return of stolen land or some kind of compensation for it. Throwing welfare money at the problem may have been an easy and poisonous decision, but putting the blame back onto the Abos and hitting them hard is also an easy decision, given that it plays perfectly to Howard's racist electoral base. "
There ya go--a socialist expert knows that we're all racist and that a treaty and the return of stolen land would fix things.
Now, how easy was that, eh?

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