Over to the Unions

Kevin Rudd has vowed he will abolish all Australian Workplace Agreements, ending weeks of infighting over whether the ALP will preserve some of the individual contracts. In a blow to business lobbyists and a boon to the unions, Mr Rudd gave The Daily Telegraph an "absolute guarantee" that AWAs would be scrapped under a Labor Government.

The move has scuttled elements within the ALP pushing for a more modest winding back of the workplace changes, such as retaining AWAs but reintroducing the no-disadvantage test to ensure employees are not worse off. It also scotched the concerns of West Australian Premier Alan Carpenter, who publicly opposed the abolition policy and suggested Mr Rudd would back down on parts of Labor's industrial relations reform in light of the massive resources boom.

Asked if the party would scrap all AWAs -- unfair or not -- Mr Rudd said he would abide by the position adopted at the ALP conference in April, which states: "AWAs will not be a part of Labor's workplace laws and there will be no place for statutory individual contracts. "There will be sensible transitional arrangements that give businesses and employees certainty."

However, it is believed that where an employee elects to serve the remainder of his or her AWA they will be able to, after which they will most likely be placed on a common law contract underpinned by award conditions.

Unions NSW secretary John Robertson, a key Rudd backer for the leadership, who has publicly called on the Labor Leader to articulate his position, was thrilled with the pledge last night. "It's pleasing to hear Labor making positive statements reinforcing their stance on AWAs," he said. "They need to be out there making sure everybody hears it loud and clear." Source.

MK – Well, there you go Australia, loud and clear, Rudd is a Union lackey and if you vote for him you’ll be voting for the Unions, Kevin Rudd is going back to the days before even workchoices. Out with the individual, he doesn’t care if you have an arrangement with the boss, maybe you work harder and produce more and therefore get more, but that’s all down the crapper now, shut your trap and join the rest of the workers. The choice is yours Australia, what say you?

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