Praise from an unlikely source

Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zachariah Anani - all former covert operators for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation who now speak out against Islamic radicals - yesterday encouraged other world leaders to follow Mr Howard in being vocal against fundamentalist groups embedded in western nations. "We are so proud of John Howard and I would challenge any nation to look to what he did when he said 'if you don't like it in this country, get the hell out'," Saleem, 49, said yesterday. "He's got guts and has given a clear message."

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When I watch American politicians waffle and dance around what the American people actually want, I often wonder why don’t they learn a bit from John Howard’s leadership? Why don’t they take the same, strong-border-enforcement, careful-economic-management, anti-multiculturalism, pride-in-our-history approach that he does, because we know most sane folks out there believe in this approach? America can be so much bigger, so much better in the right hands and the world can also learn and benefit from this.

While I was looking for a picture of our feeling-lucky-terrorist-punks? PM, I happened to stumble upon an example of Howard hatred at its finest. You often hear of the Howard haters, but fortunately I’ve never come across it personally and for that I am grateful. And let me just end by saying, Pie Palace I too am glad you’re not Australian.

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