the arrogant stupidity of tree-huggers

"Recently, Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell said that there would be consequences for Catholic politicians voting for stem cell research. The Greens have taken this to mean that the Archbishop is interfering in the political process, so have launched investigation into whether on not his comments were a contempt of parliament. If found guilty, it could result in the head of the Catholic Church in Australia being imprisoned for up to 25 years."
Lucyna, over at NZ Conservative

well, we couldn't possibly have a Catholic Archbishop reminding Catholics that there's such a thing as--you know--a church policy, an ethical requirement, even.... gasp! a religous component to being a member of the Catholic church.
I wonder, would the greens be investigating a muslim imam for reminding muslim politicians that allah wouldn't approve of stem-cell research? (assuming an imam knew what the hell it was in the first place)
Nah..thought not.
This writer is not a Catholic. In fact he's not at all religous. But he can sure smell hypocrisy and bullshit from a great distance.

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