Screw the Majority

Most of us know leftists always carry on about how the majority of all of the western world’s citizens are opposed to the war in Iraq as an example to insist that Bush, Howard Blair etc are going against the majority’s wishes. Well, looks like some majorities are less equal than others. I first read this over at Wake Up America.
About 100 Western Massachusetts gay marriage supporters, including several local officials, are urging the Legislature to keep a proposed same-sex marriage ban off the 2008 ballot. The ad was sponsored by MassEquality, an advocacy group that opposes the proposed constitutional amendment. Legislators are scheduled to decide next week whether to advance it to a statewide vote.

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which endorses the ballot question, said voters should have a chance to decide. "I think what we have here is about 100 individuals saying their status in our commonwealth is more important than the 170,000 law abiding citizens who signed the petition to have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage," Mineau said.
So you see, when the majority is on their side, everyone has to listen to them, but when it doesn’t suit their pernicious agenda, the majority can get stuffed. Last night I happened to catch a bit of an interview that our local taxpayer-funded (I mean really, where else can these parasites get money from) commie channel did with outgoing (being pushed) British PM Tony Blair on this global warming (GW) issue.

Basically they were trying to get Blair to criticize George Bush’s stance on GW, the interviewer even said that the Archbishop of Canterbury labeled Bush’s stance on GW as immoral and un-Christian. I had a hearty laugh when I heard that, sorry leftist parasites, when you start caring what Christians think about abortion, gay marriage etc I’ll start believing you give a pigs bum about what we think. Which brings me to this bit, absolute authority from leftist’s point of view.
Peter F. Straley, president and chief executive officer of Health New England of Springfield, who signed the ad, said his position is personal. "I have a child who is gay, and I want that child to have all the rights that I have," he said. Source.
Is that so, if that is a valid position, well how about this scenario leftists? Say I have a child who was sexually abused by a pedophile, being the parent of this child, I would like all convicted pedophiles to be hung in their respective town squares till they are dead. Now, now, I’m not a hard bastard, so I’ll compromise if you lot are understandably squeamish, gas chamber, electric chair, lethal injections are also just fine as alternatives.

So I say let democracy work, let the people of Massachusetts have their say, let the majority make the decision, if they are ok with Gay marriage then so be it.

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