know your enemy:

Yesterday, 100 editors and journalists from all around the world met in Oslo to take part in an international conference about media and globalisation.

UN Special Envoy for monitoring of racism and xenophobia, Dodou Diene, started the conference by asking the press to actively help to create a multicultural society. He expressed concern that democratic processes can lead to immigration-limiting political parties coming to power.
From Gates of Vienna
There you have it, straight from the mouth of these scumbags. The U.N. is profoundly, hopelessly undemocratic, a bunch of unelected parasites living high on the hog at our expense while they work to dismantle Western civilisation.
WHY are we paying for the upkeep of this cesspit? They're more of a danger to our way of life than islamic nutters running around with bombs yet they're largely given a free pass by the media.

Because the rotten lefty media share their agenda.

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