N.Z. leads the world....but in what?

Call to lower voting age to 16
An MP is calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16 saying young people should be given a voice.

Green Party MP Sue Bradford is drafting a bill which, if passed, would lower the voting age by two years from the current 18.
NZ Herald

This MP is the same unelected zealot moron with a criminal history who recently managed to get the infamous "anti-smacking" bill passed into what Kiwis laughingly refer to as "law", despite over 80% of New Zealanders being opposed to it.
It's what they call "democracy" here.
16 year olds being given the vote? The same 16 year olds who haven't contributed a cent in taxes get to decide how that money is spent? The 16 year olds so screwed by the edukashun system that employers have to teach them basic comprehension and writing skills? 16 year olds who think the apex of intellectual effort is composing a text message? Most of them have never read a book any more demanding than Dr. Seuss.
They're so brainwashed by their lefty teachers they'll have to be taught not to vote for Josef Stalin because he's dead and pickled.
riiight. I suppose it's no more insane than a childless P.M. lecturing us on how to bring up kids. Or the same communist P.M. --who's never had a real job-- lecturing business leaders about the economy and what they're doing wrong.
Or the Governor of the Reserve Bank trying to take on international currency speculators when NZ has a GDP roughly equivalent to the District of Columbia...(true)
This country is fucking nuts.

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