Feeling lucky Punks?

Remember that British hostage fiasco a while ago, where the Iranians captured a number of British sailors and the EU dithered and waffled with their unity and soft power and promoting peace. Eventually the Iranians forgave the British transgression and sent the sailors home to a grateful nation; this is not a one-off incident of Iran humiliating Britain. Keep an eye on the news and you can see the British Embassy in Tehran is pretty much a free-for-all who have excess stock of eggs and stones. That’s what ‘soft’ power, waiting for everyone to vote and everyone to decide that you’re on your own gets you. They should send some folks down under to see how things get done out here.
"What I've been told by several sources, military sources, (is that) there was a similar encounter, in this case between the Royal Australian Navy and Iranian gunboats, some months ago, or at least some months prior to the seizing of the British sailors," Gardner said on ABC radio. "The Australians escaped capture by climbing back on board the ship they'd just searched. I'm told that they set up their weapons.

"No shots were exchanged but the Iranians backed off and the Australians were able to get helicoptered off that ship and they didn't get captured." "What I'm hearing is that it was a pretty robust attitude by the Australians," Gardner said. "The words that somebody said to me was that they used pretty colourful language but I'm sure that alone didn't make the Iranians back off. Source.
Ah the Aussies, there may not be a lot of us, but the few that are around can get 'colorful' and 'robust' when needed. I can just imagine the Aussies, come on you bunch of pansies, you want a piece of us, come get some Aussie beef mother@#$&!*$. Comes with a side helping of, super-sized, steaming hot lead, well what are you bitches waiting for.

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