Naughty, naughty

Yes, been a very naughty little fellow haven’t you, you stand there while I wag my finger at you and scold you lightly, what was it schnookums, mummy didn’t hug you when you were a baby, was daddy not around? There, there baby, you wait while I glare at those mean coppers, what do they know, you didn’t mean any of it did you, now, now, no need to pout, we’ll show them.
Police evidence tendered to Bidura Children's Court shows that not only was the teenager already on bail for aggravated break and enter but also known for armed robbery, possessing an unregistered firearm, drug offences, assault, traffic offences, resisting police, larceny, maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm and breaching bail.

Magistrate Eve Wynhausen was made aware in Monday's hearing that it was the youth's 18th birthday but it was a show of support from friends and family that swayed her to give him bail, as long as he reappeared before her yesterday. She refused to discuss that bail decision with The Daily Telegraph yesterday after the teenager – who cannot be named – bolted and she was forced to issue a warrant for his arrest. Source.
Yes, all that egg on her face, takes a while to clean it all up, while this bungling leftist is busy coddling criminals, it won’t be her doing the work to catch this piece of work again, oh no, that’s for those coppers. They get to do all the heavy lifting, all over again. As for 53-year-old Sheik Mukhtar Saheb, one of the victims of this vermin, justice will remain elusive, sorry Saheb, justice is only for this vermin, Wynhausen doesn’t give a rats ass if you’re 53 or 83, it’s baby that she’s worried about, because you know it’s not really baby’s fault.

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