what a bloody good idea

A NEW political party is set to contest this year's federal election with one clear goal - giving women a voice.
The What Women Want Australia (WWW) party, launched in Brisbane today, said it wanted to improve Australian political life and policy by involving more women.

I reckon this is a great idea--women can now vote for candidates based on their appearance and what they read about them in Women's Weekly. No more of that hard policy stuff, no more dealing with abstract, difficult concepts such as the role of the military and intellgence services in an unstable world or the tradeoff between liberties and responsibilities.
Nossir! They can do what female judges and magistrates and public servants do already--confuse the responsibilities of their jobs with the role of being mommy. The Oprahfication of politics will be a natural progression from the work they've already done in fucking up the West with their rotten PC "safety first at all costs mommy knows best" mindset.
The "giving women a voice" line would be hysterically funny if it wasn't so damn arrogant. Women already have a "voice"--a voice that's all but succeeded into turning little boys into honorary little girls, a voice that's denigrated and devalued the masculine in our society to the point where boys are suffering emotionally and academically.
By all means form a party girls. You lot couldn't organize a bunfight in a bakery and it'll be fun to watch the ensuing chaos.
(I should insert the usual disclaimer here about there being some very fine women out there but I won't--you know who you are)

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