While I’m no fan of ex-KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin and his government, I have to admit this is a good idea, I guess even the commies can teach us a thing or two. Perhaps we can do the same the next time some leftist group wants to whine about something.
The stench of dung stopped anti-Kremlin protestors rallying in the Russian city of Murmansk on Tuesday, an opposition activist said. Opponents of President Vladimir Putin had hoped to rally on the porch of the Culture Palace but city authorities closed the building, took away the porch's steps and spread dung around it, said Yelena Vasilyeva, local leader of the United Civil Front opposition movement.

"The stench was so strong you couldn't breathe, so only the most tenacious stayed," she said. Dung was spread around a landmark building to fertilise the land, said a police spokesperson in Murmansk, a city not far from Russia's borders with Norway and Finland. Source.
I realize this does bring up further complications like how to get rid of the dung once the leftists have been repelled and besides the leftists can retaliate with their own dung, so I think we should just use this tactic outside our detention facilities. You know, the ones where mad leftists gather at least once a year to whinge and whine about illegals, once the leftists have been repelled we can just leave the dung there outside the fence since it’s in the middle of nowhere. Who knows, maybe it’ll give rise to a formidable cactus population and our good police officers won’t have to deal with these lunatics themselves, let nature be a thorn in their sides.

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