Why are the media allowed to prejudge some court cases and not others?

The heading on the story below was "Nazi guard breaks silence", where the presumption of innocence would require the heading: "ALLEGED Nazi guard breaks silence".

The whole thing is just a political show trial in the best Stalinist tradition anyway -- as the man has already been found "not guilty" in an Israeli court -- and if you think an Israeli court would be stepping lightly or incompetent in such a case you have a lot to learn
John Demjanjuk, a 90-year-old accused of helping to murder 27,900 Jews as a guard at a Nazi death camp, denied the charges today in the first statement since his trial began in November.

Mr Demjanjuk said he was "forcibly deported to Germany" where "false charges" were pressed on him, in a statement read out to a court in Munich by his lawyer, Ulrich Busch.

"I find it an unbearable injustice that Germany is trying to make me, a prisoner of war, into a war criminal with this trial," he said.

Mr Demjanjuk is standing trial on 27,900 counts of being an accessary to murder on allegations he was a guard at the Sobibor camp in occupied Poland. He denies ever being at any camp, claiming he is the victim of mistaken identity....

Since his extradition from the US last May, Mr Demjanjuk has been in a prison near Munich, again "as a German prisoner of war", he said. "I am again and again an innocent victim of the Germans," he told the court.

He was previously found guilty in Israel of being Ivan the Terrible, a particularly sadistic death camp guard at Treblinka, but released after the Israeli Supreme Court established they had the wrong man....


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  1. The 90 year old man is unable to defend himself and has been thrown as a sacrifice to placate hyenas and jackals with particular and selective memories.

    "Justice" today has no affiliation or basis on the discovery of the truth of matters.

    Apparently our society is enobled and made better for it. The liars and the scoundrels fear the immortality of truth, this is why they attempt to immortalise and zombify their lies by law, legislation and fear.

    This Eurosphere is a Puke "nation"
    of deferential peoples that do not deserve to exist, except as historical rejectamenta consigned to a future of mediocrity.

    Men of the West,,,,,Kneel.....as you do.

  2. "Why are the media allowed to prejudge some court cases and not others?"

    Prejudge and smear it would seem.


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