Vindictive NHS

Daily Mail - A pensioner with crippling back pain says she was removed from an NHS waiting list because she chose to have a private consultation. Breast cancer survivor Jenny Whitehead, 64, now faces a £10,000 bill to have an operation at a private hospital next month. If she does not pay she might have to wait until autumn to receive NHS treatment in Leeds as she has to start the NHS waiting process all over again. She said: 'If I have to pay for the surgery, and that is now the only means of relieving my constant pain, it will cost between £7,000 and £10,000.'
First she waits and waits for treatment and that fails when she gets it, so she chooses to scrape together some of her OWN money for a private consultation and for that the bureaucratic scum in the NHS decide to screw her over. If you look at the big picture, this is basically what happens, she works most of her life, has no choice but to pay through the backside into the socialized healthcare system so that she can have 'free' healthcare and then when she looks to the system to help her, it kicks her in the teeth.

And leftist scum wonder why we don't want to be forced into one of their wretched schemes.

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