Liberals sudden concern over the deficit

Liberals do everything in their power to expand the welfare state, borrowing and spending like drunken teenagers who just swiped dad's credit card and then when the bill comes in, they exclaim with straight faces - Oh shit, this is all so very expensive, we can't go on like this, something must be done..... I got it, dad's just going to have to get a second job, the poor schmuck.
Fox News - Everything is on the table when it comes to finding a way to get America out of debt, according to President Obama's newly appointed debt commission, meaning a value added tax could be headed to a product near you. Former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson will join former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles to lead the elite18-member debt commission convening Tuesday -- a panel appointed by Democrats and Republicans to come up with a plan to save America from its spendthrift ways.
Yes off course, it's all on the table folks, all manner of taxes, the VAT, the GST, the STD, the GLBT, it's all on the table folks, taxes, taxes, taxes. Aren't you glad these 18 elitists are in charge, I'm sure zero will soon tell you that you ought to thank him for looking out for you all. He's such a star isn't he, he's put everything on the table, nothing is spared, everything except off course, the welfare state.

That I assure you will never make it onto that liberal chopping block, so rest easy all you useless parasites, crack-heads and scumbags, resume your daily sponging, they'll always look out for you, their more treasured voting base.

It's always the other lot they're happy to screw over, the hard-working and decent folks who'll be funding all the various schemes liberals deem as human rights and must force them to provide.

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  1. "spending like drunken teenagers"

    Teenagers and sailors are getting a bad rap. The saying for evermore should be, "spending like a liberal government"...


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