Spread the blame evenly

News.com.au - ...Raychel Coudriet, now 22, met [Tiger] Woods for the first time when she was just 14 and later had a one-night stand with him, the newspaper reported. The tabloid claimed the sexual encounter left Coudriet "shaken and humiliated" when it took place last year on a couch in his office just a mile from his Florida home. Coudriet went into a rage when it was revealed over the past few months that Woods bedded other women, the newspaper reported.
Just about everyone is piling on Tiger Woods, it's almost as if the whole brain-dead media married him or something. Like the fellow signed on the dotted line to be faithful to them! What I'd like to know is what responsibility is being laid at the feet of all the sluts who happily opened their legs to this fellow, didn't they know they were boinking a married man. Last I checked, he hasn't been accused of rape, so they all jumped on for a ride quite willingly.

The other thing I found hilarious was this stupid skank who is suddenly "shaken and humiliated", whatever happened to your shaking and humiliation when you were getting on the couch moron. Didn't you know he was married, did you think about his wife when you were doing the deed with Tiger, didn't think of the humiliation that Tiger's wife would feel did you, skank.
"The two of them had sex on a couch for hours - right next to a crib for Tiger's children," added the source. "The crib made Raychel feel guilty - that she was having sex with a married man with children. But she was smitten."
See, the skank knew exactly what she was doing, but she thought she was special or some bullshit like that. The thought of his kids and what they'd feel didn't make any difference to her, no shaking or humiliation then. Apparently the sex was mechanical and unemotional, but still for all those hours, no humiliation or regret on either part.

I don't mind Tiger getting kicked for what he did, he deserves it, but what pisses me off is that the women who slept with him are getting off scot-free. It's almost as if women out there are powerless to resist married men, what sort of bullshit are they pushing, that if a married man were to proposition you, you just fall onto the nearest couch and you know the rest.

Come on, give me a break. There's plenty of shitbag behavior, so spread it where it should go.


  1. There are no consequences to being a slut, MK. We celebrate victims nowadays, doncha know? And every bit of bad shit that happens to you, that tramples on your precious self-esteem - it's always someone else's fault. But since we love victims so much, they can make it all better just by going public. These soulless sluts just wanna be luvved. And what better way to feel the love than telling the world what a victim you are? Don't forget to show your vulnerability - you do that by opening up about your depravity. Smile for the camera.

  2. Yeah i know, except it's not real victims is it, if you're an unborn baby, a victim of rape, murder, mugging, bashing, islamic terrorism or government meddling, leftists don't give a flying fuck.

  3. My question is wether Tiger would of even been tempted if it wasn't for these whores tempting him. I think their more to blame than him because he is only human and red blooded .

  4. Tiger is a bloody fool. He is the world's best golfer, but to make more money he sells himself as a packaged image. He then roots porn stars and other assorted sluts. Doesn't stop him being the best golfer, but his image is destroyed. So Tiger, shut up and hit the little white ball.

  5. I have more respect for an honest whore than for a cheap slut -- because the whore, at least, respects herself enough to be honest about what she's doing ... and to get paid for it upfront.

  6. No arguments from me on that ar.

    Exactly Ilíon, and there are plenty of sluts around unworthy of any respect. I should add, on both sides, though it mainly women who pay the price for it.

  7. Certainly. I don't evern wink at sluttish behavior by men ... I am a man, after all, I *know* than (some) men choose to be controlled by their libidos.

    In fact, I have less respect (if that's possible) for a sluttish man than for a sluttish woman.


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