Belgium pushes back against islam

Daily Mail - Belgium became the first European country to impose a full ban on wearing a burka last night. Its parliament approved a draft law which states women can be jailed for hiding their faces in public. The bill - which must be rubber-stamped by the Belgian senate - is set to become law by July. Centre-Right MP Daniel Bacquelaine said last night: 'The notion of recognising people in the street is essential to maintain public order.
I'd first like to note that if such a law were even proposed in America, liberal hypocrites the world over, particularly the ones in Europe, will be caterwauling for years about the racist, bigoted, nazi Americans. Unless off course it was their favorite, empty-suit hero zero who was the architect of it.

None the less, glad to hear Belgium has finally grown a pair and decided to stand up to the islamists, here's to hoping more western nations follow their lead and stand up to islam. If muslims don't like it, they are free to leave, plenty of islamic paradises with sharia and all that. I just hope that this does become law and that they really do enforce it. However I should add as well, don't pop the champagne corks yet folks, there is another problem with this that can't be ignored.

You see Belgium is part of the EU, apart from all the warmth and fuzziness of belonging to the EU, they are subject to EU oversight and apparently if someone were to challenge this in their human rights court, it could well be overturned. And I believe there's a good chance that'll happen. The peoples views, democracy and all that be damned. If the liberal fascists in the EU decide to snuggle up to the islamists, well there goes your burka ban.

Now you know why Conservatives and Patriots the world over oppose organizations like the EU, when push comes to shove, some unelected bureaucratic scumbag in a faraway office decides the very fate of your culture and country.

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