Moving home

Hope you have all been alright. I've been real busy the last couple of days, moving house you see. We've been squirreling around in the same place for a long while and now it's off to a new place.

Damn I hate moving, I can't count the number of times I've been going back and forth to the car, moving one box of crap after another. Good thing we got some movers to come drag the heavy stuff out, glad I didn't have to move all that, I think I'd have left it all behind and just bought new stuff.

At one point I lost it yesterday and came close to burning it all down, t'was just a long day and I happened to open another cupboard full of more crap that I'd have to move. But anyway, I've had a sleep and decided to put the dynamite away and just deal with it.

In summary, it's not over yet, the fat lady ain't started yet, but we're on the home stretch now. Hopefully we'll be done and settled in to the new place and I guess it won't be long before we start hoarding crap again and the cycle begins all over again. :)

Good night.


  1. Every time I move I throw out half my books

  2. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, i've thrown out quite a bit, old equipment, furniture, lots of crap. I just put it out the front and the funny thing is that just about all of it has been taken by someone. One item was gone within the hour. Books were quicker.

    At least someone has a use for it.


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