Where will our children stay

News.com.au - RUNAWAY population growth will end the dream for many young Australians of ever owning their own home, says federal Labor backbencher Kelvin Thomson. Mr Thomson has defied his party by saying Australia's population should be capped at 26 million, disagreeing with his Government's projection of 36 million by 2050. Representing the inner Melbourne electorate of Wills, which is made up of 30 per cent immigrants, Mr Thomson believes Australia's annual intake of migrants should be cut to 70,000. Under the Rudd Government, migration has jumped to around 300,000 a year compared to 126,000 under the Howard Government.
Aside from the unprecedented immigration growth, that the sauce-boy never spoke to the electorate about, I often wonder about the booming property market here in Australia. I see many programs on TV about the growth in property prices and often they feature someone expressing happiness about the growing value of their home. I heard recently that on average property prices in Australia double every 10 years and at that rate, the average home in Sydney will be a million fat by 2017 or thereabouts.

I think it'll be the same in the other major cities of Australia. The thing I want to know is that since wages aren't doubling every 10 years, how exactly are people in this country going to afford an average home, in 10 years time. It's all well and good for people to be lifting the glasses of champagne and toasting as home values soar, but what about their children. Think about it, it's not just your home that everyone is willing to sell grandma away for, it's every other home too.

So what happens when the children you have grow up, move out and find work, where are they going to stay? What are they going to buy? Their jobs won't pay for the million dollar 2-bed shithole that you can't stretch your arms out in. We often go on about the great Australian dream, well is that only for this generation, the rest can get stuffed?

Are we expecting our children to live out in the country and travel to work or something, live out in Alice Springs and fly to work every morning? Are we expecting them to stay with us and sponge away until we kick the bucket? Do we even care?

Something to ponder.

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